Complaint Procedures

There is a clear line of responsibility in respect of residents/advocates complaints or concerns. The home is registered with the Care Quality Commission who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that standards are maintained. The Proprietor and Manager will treat all complaints seriously, will record them and attempt to resolve them to the satisfaction of the resident. Should they need to take the matter further, the resident has the right, without fear of disapproval, to contact the Care Quality Commission. The manager is also in regular contact with the Registered Nursing Home Association who assist with the problems and concerns and can also provide advice when needed.


The home is comprehensively insured, but if you have anything (e.g. jewellery) which is of great monetary value, then it would be advisable to insure it yourself before entering the home. Photographs are taken of jewellery and held in the individual care plans, so if this found we can return the item to it’s owner. We do suggest that anything of great value is left with family for protection. We cannot be held responsible for losses.

Legal 2nd June 2017